Healthy Foods for Increased Vitality

Healthy FoodsThere’s an old adage that goes this way,” You are what you eat. However, there is no doubt that it is certain that eating healthy foods is a great way to spare yourself from the unwanted effect of ageing into the body. If you want to look and feel younger, there is a need for you to consider foods that can boost your vitality.  Below is a list of healthy foods you can have in your dining table.

Fruits and vegetables

It has been well documented that fruits and vegetables render most of the vitamins and mineral that our body needs. This includes antioxidants that are necessary for the body to remain healthy.

What fruit to eat?

Dates. Immerse your body with the necessary   minerals, vitamins and amino acids that it needs by eating heart Healthy Foods like dates. Dates are wonderful foods for healthy skin and at the same time helps in achieving overall health.

Avocados. While other people have a misconception that these fruits are fattening, the truth is that they are rich in healthy fats that are not only significant for health and vitality but is also good to the heart.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are excellent source of vitamin C in order to prevent the detrimental effect of time to the skin’s building block which is the collagen.

The right vegetables to eat


Mushrooms are also considered one in the healthy foods list. They are rich in protein, fibers and chromium that aids in the overall health of the gut.  Mushrooms are also good source of vitamin D.

Carrots. Carrots can also be included in your healthy meals. These are high in Antioxidant that helps promotes healthy skin and eyes. In addition to that, it also protects that mucous membrane.

Broccoli.  One great way to enhance the vitality of the body is to support the liver and remove toxins from the enzyme systems. This is where the importance of healthy foods like broccoli steps in. These are essential in protecting the body against toxins.

Whole grains. The best thing about whole grains is that they render naturally occurring   nutrients coming from the entire seed.  Since whole grains are not refined, you can make sure that there is no essential part that has been removed from the grains.  Aside from the sheer power of the nutrients in boosting the vitality of the body, whole grains also aid in healthy digestion.

Which grains?

Brown rice. Brown rice comes with a minimal glycaemic index.  Meaning to say, this grain is slowly absorbed by the body thus giving a constant source of energy that can help you power up your day without worrying about the level of your blood sugar.

Corn. Corns are rich in Vitamin B that encourages healthy skin as well as brain function.  Apart from that, it also consists of folic acid that aids in the reduction of the Homocysteine which is responsible for tissue damage.

Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are also known as omega oils.  They are gained from foods and are converted to substances that provide a number of benefits into the body such as lowering blood pressure, decreasing inflammation, and enhancing the function of the immune and nervous systems.


Fish is a great source of essential fatty acids. You can include in your healthy meals EFA-rich fishes such as sardines, mackerels, tuna, herring and salmon. Also, fish is an outstanding source of protein which offers wide array of benefits such as healthy skin, helping gain weight and it can even aids in mood problems.

Healthy snack foods

Instead of indulging yourself to fired chips, it would be a better idea if you go for baked ones. You can also consider air-popped corn and dried foods.  These healthy foods can give you extra energy which in turn can boost your vitality.

Vitality sticks and cottage cheese also make great snacks. These render added fibers that can make you go if necessary.

Yogurt is also included in the healthy foods list. It is advisable that you prefer reduced fat yogurts because they are deemed to be more healthful.  Another option is that you can also consider making your own low-plain yogurt along with chopped fresh fruits.  Also, make sure that you opt for yogurts that are rich in probiotics because they are essential for the overall health of the gut.

Being healthy always matters all the time.   It is a must that always start in eating healthy and balanced diets.  At the end of the day, you have to keep in mind that not all the foods out there are healthy for the body.  For the rule of a thumb, it is always important that the foods we eat can boost vitality and at the same time improving the overall health of the body.

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